Lubrication Applications

Lubrication Application

Monition provide a more modern approach to lubrication application by applying exclusive scientific methodology based on dimension, function and additional condition-based factors to determine the unique lubrication requirements of your site. For example, it does not account for differences in bearing housings and application points. Instead, it assumes the grease is added at the optimum location. Also, it is not always possible to know the amount and condition of old grease in the housing at the time of reapplication. For these reasons, Monition has developed a site survey using a web based calculator to modify and correctly determine calculated values with operational and condition-based data used in the approach.

Lubrication Application Frequency and Volume

Many factors must be considered to be even reasonably precise in determining the best application frequency and Volumes. Such factors as operating temperature, seal type and condition, particle contamination, moisture, vibration and grease type all play a role in determining reapplication frequency.

Lubrication Application Frequency and Volume

Key Factors

  • Lubricant Types
  • Bearing Size
  • Bearing Type
  • Operating Speeds
  • Loads
  • Temperatures
  • Vertical or Horizontal shafts
  • Environments, Wash out and Chemicals

Once again, to be more precise, a site survey is needed to review the lubricated components and ensure the proper frequencies are chosen.

Monition also has a wealth of experience and trial data from a wide range of applications to advise site on optimum lubricant selections in order to extend equipment life and improve reliability.

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